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Benchellal Electrical Engineering is a Moroccan company specialized in electrical engineering. We offer a variety of services for the local industry and North America. Please explore our website for more information or call us for more details.


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Design & Studies

We design low and medium voltage electrical networks for human and equipment protection. We also study the behavior of power grids by simulating short circuits, load flow and coordination of protective devices, in order to obtain the appropriate settings and the right choice of equipment. We also offer PLC and HMI programming as well as wiring diagrams: Control Cabinets, Medium voltage Switchgears and Electrical Substations. We use the most advanced software to provide the smartest and most optimal solutions

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Spare Parts Supply

B.E.E. is a worldwide supplier of automation and Electrical Power Systems solutions, specialized in custom, hard to find and high quality products : Red Lion Controls, Mennekes, OBO BetterMann, Emerson, Prysmian, Ducati Energia, Vacon / Danfoss, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories...

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Our maintenance team is highly qualified to maintain all electrical equipment in a very good shape. We ensure that all work completed by our firm are safe, stable and built to last. We are equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across industries.

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System Wiring

BEE provides complete electrical wiring for simple and complex projects, such interconnecting sub-systems, hydroelectric powerhouse, switchgears, substations, cable repair stations, lighting junction boxes and custom projects.

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Industrial, Mobile & Underground

Underground Substation: Provides configurable and flexible power conversion and distribution for mining and industrial environments in an extremely durable and mobile enclosure that manages primary switching, voltage conversion and secondary distribution.

Movable Substation: Custom designed to meet the specific needs of the customer. In many cases, these substations include switching, protection and control solutions.

Industrial Substation: Designed for use in a variety of applications, our engineering and manufacturing expertise allow us to successfully execute design and supply.


15, 25 & 36kV, 600 & 1200A

We are able to design custom medium voltage switchgears that meet CEC and NEC standards, safe, reliable and cost-effective. We offer a number of standard products, including: Arc Flash.


Custom Laboratory for mining treatment

The mining lab modules are designed to meet all mining analysis requirements. They are built of sturdy steel and designed to provide a comfortable work area. Can be transported economically to mining sites. They include all production and processing features: recording, sample preparation, screening, fire testing, wet testing, environmental analysis, metallurgical laboratory, oil analysis, offices, dining rooms and bathrooms.


Cable Repair station Medium Voltage Couplers up to 25kV, 600A

Cable Repair station: A fully integrated solution typically used to test and repair mining trailing cables. It is a modular- modular that includes a fully automated VFD, controlling two cable reel spooling system and cable vulcanizing equipment.

Medium Voltage Outlet 1kV to 25kV, up to 600A: Used to connect high current and / or medium voltage to excavators, draglines and rigs. They are designed with a phase separation grounding system to eliminate single and double phase faults. They allow fast reliable and safe connection. You can not turn on the system until the pins are fully connected.


Custom Panels for different applications

Generally used to operate and protect equipment for different applications: Mobile mining systems, hydroelectric turbines... They are housed in a stainless steel housing, easily accessible through a lockable front and rear door. They are used for power distribution configurations 24 to 240 V range, motor starter applications, control conveyor systems or process controls, using a variety of over-current protection schemes, faults grounding, grounding checks and trips with loss of voltage..


Up to 10MVA, 36kV

We have experience and expertise in the electrical design, manufacturing and commissioning of hydroelectric plants up to 25 KV, 10 MVA, with Pelton, Kaplan and Francis turbines. Custom mobile backup generator set according to customer need, they provide up to 2000k VA, 25kv. The system is equipped with a 12-cylinder diesel engine, a coupled alternator, step-up transformer, medium voltage cells, monitored by digital protection relays, a PLC and an HMI interface.


400V & 15kV

The mobile standby generator is rated 2MVA, 25kV, containing engine/generator, switchgear and protection and control panel. The system is monitored by a PLC and HMI interface.

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