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Who we are

Benchellal Electrical Engineering is a Moroccan company specialized in electrical power systems. We offer a variety of services for the local industry and North America. Please explore our website for more information or call us for more details.

Design & Studies

Electrical Studies

We study the behavior of LV & MV Electrical networks, by simulating short circuits, load flow and coordination of protective devices, in order to obtain the appropriate settings and the right equipment's selection.

Electrical Design

We use the most advanced software to provide the smartest and most optimal solutions, to design Mobile Substations, MV Switchgears, Hydro-Electric Power Plants, MV GENSETS, Cable Repair Stations & Prefab Labs.

Electrical Supply

Spare Parts

DC Motors Subsets

Mobile Substations

High Voltage Coupler

Cable Repair Station

Mining Equipements

Draglines Lighting



Up to 10MVA, 36kV

We have experience and expertise in the electrical design, manufacturing and commissioning of hydroelectric plants up to 25 KV, 10 MVA, with Pelton and Francis turbines.


Industrial, Mobile & Underground

Industrial, Underground & Movable Substation: built to last, Provides configurable, flexible & many power distribution options, for extreme environments with arc Flash protection.


Custom Prefab Lab

Can be transported economically to remote mining sites. They include all production and processing features: preparation, screening, analysis, offices ...


Custom Control Panels

Generally used to operate and protect equipment for different applications: over-current protection, process controls, Power distribution, Conveyor starter, Ground Fault Check, Easily accessible with lockable doors.


15, 25 & 36kV, 600 & 1200A

We are able to design custom medium voltage switchgears that meet CEC and NEC standards, safe, reliable and cost-effective. We offer a number of standard products, including: Arc Flash.


15kV & 25kV

Medium Voltage Mobile standby generator, custom built to supply the draglines, shovels in Mines, containing Diesel engine, generator, switchgear. Complex system monitored by PLC, HMI interface with many options available.

Our Products

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Our Customers

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